Choir & Music

The The Music Program at GPUC provides an integral contribution to our worship service and church life. Music and Choir Director Joseph Palazzolo bestows an unparalleled and ever-changing selection of music that enhances the spiritual introspection so much a part of our religious community. The Choir consists of volunteers who meet every Wednesday evening from 7:30 to 9:00 to rehearse anthems for Sunday services and special events. In addition to singing twice a month on Sunday morning, the choir performs for the church’s annual Christmas Eve service and for a Music Sunday once a year. Director Palazzolo is able to bring out the best in any voice, so any and all are welcome! The Music Program Committee arranges for special music for Sunday services and for special concerts. There are many musicians in our fellowship who share their talents with us on a Sunday morning. Professional musicians enhance our worship services with everything from jazz to classical and from vocal to chamber music performances. Our church building itself provides a comfortable venue with excellent acoustics and a welcoming atmosphere. We encourage interested people to come and hear for themselves!